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April 27, 2009
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× hair...2 by AmazonMandy hair...2 by AmazonMandy
No, they aren't contact lenses. I get asked that so eyes just do this really creepy blue Zombie thing in the sun...sorry!! :zombie:

Another shot by :iconbuckrogersbarker: , he is trying to experiment using new lenses, lighting, and just general practice...i'm grateful just to have a few shots of me OUT of costume that I actually like! Hopefully we both get better! ^^;
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You know, it might sound weird, but after seeing you in so many cosplay pictures, it feels surprisingly good to see pictures of you without any costume. It shows that human realistic side that we tend to forget when seeing cosplayers. Also, just like how it's fun to see the voice actors behind our favorites animated characters, it's always fun to see who's cosplaying our favorite animated characters in turn.

Of course, I'm not seeing that you should stop posting cosplay pictures. In fact, I'm eager to see the next costume in line. I'm just saying that you look stunningly gorgeous and that I love it when a cosplayer shows his or her true self... as long as it's in the realm of decency, of course. Your hair, skin and dress are nicely harmonized with the leaves, and your eyes... wow, just wow. They stand out admirably, and it's also a nice touch that they symbolize the sky you looking at due to their color... well, once you pass the camera and photographer above you XD.

BTW, those eyes of yours are beautiful, you shouldn't be ashamed of them at all. They good great with your face and lips, and they look pretty much alive then zombie.
Aww, thank you so much! I actually understand, I like seeing a lot of my favorite cosplayers out of costume. They look so different, and it gives a more 'human" element to the person behind the costume.

Thank you so much for the kind comment, I really do appreciate it. Especially about my eyes, I get self conscious of that :laughing: THANK YOU! :heart:
You're very welcome ^^
great shot.
compliments your eyes are really wonderful. :wow:
SyntaxOverride Jan 20, 2012
Your hair, but much more <33333
rennygent Nov 16, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
The blue of steel and strength..that's what I see in those eyes.
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